When an elderly relative is struggling to cope at home the difficult decision to move to a nursing home is both daunting and complex. There is a huge amount of preparation to be considered and this is where I can help. 
Some of these steps can be completed well in advance of the move: Once someone has become bedridden or confined to one or two rooms it is sensible to start the process then. Indeed it is advisable to do so from a health and safety point of view. 
At any point in the process there will be paperwork to rationalise, clothes to sort, house contents to value or dispose of. Eventually there will be the house to clear and possibly prepare for rent or sale. 
Lady being helped out of bed by a carer
I can help at any point of the process. The initial consultation is free of charge and any services are tailor made to your needs. 
Many people, looking at their own situation, are taking the pragmatic step to put their own house in order. Recent events have shown us how uncertain the future can be and it is a sensible step to ensure that we are organised should the unexpected happen and not leaving family or friends the additional burden of sorting through superfluous paperwork and belongings in a crisis.  
This process is known as Dostadning in Sweden. 
.....such a difficult decision to make. Preparing the house for rental seemed so daunting. You really took the pressure off so we could concentrate on getting my Aunt settled.' 

GET IN TOUCH For further information or to arrange an initial consultation please call 07870 123819 

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